Fourth Avenue Junior High School

With the Wings of Falcon Pride, We Fly

Our Staff

As highly qualified teachers and staff, we are proud to teach the state standards and to have high expectations for every student. We use researched based, student engaging materials. Our priority is the safety and productivity of every student.


Jose Cazares
Ext. 7002
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Sharon Jones
Assistant Principal
Ext. 7003
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Vicki Martinez-Rust
Ext. 7001
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Gaby Acosta
School Clerk
Ext. 7004
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Support Staff

Kala Compton
School Effectiveness Mentor
Ext. 7005
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Maura Molina
Health Aide
Ext. 7050
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Cassandra Reed
School Resource Officer
Ext. 7011
Room 203
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Martina Rodriguez
Parent Liaison
Ext. 7010
Room 203
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Michelle Solis
Ext. 7007
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Tristan M. Vargas
Ext. 7006
Room 209
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Christine Cabrales
Ext. 7022
Room 302
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David Cullison
Ext. 7058
Room 110
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Zachary Fishel
6th-7th Literature
Ext. 7017
Room 210
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Patricia Gomez
6th/8th Grade Science
Ext. 7033
Room 109
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Maria Guthrie
6th Science/8th Math
Ext. 7026
Room 307
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Yesong Han
7th Math/6th Intervention
Ext. 7015
Room 202
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Daniel Herrera
7th/8th Literature/Journalism
Ext. 7023
Room 301
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Brittany Ludwin
7th Math/Intervention
Ext. 7014
Room 201
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Marseille Martin
Ext. 7032
Room 111
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Feea Maske
Ext. 7032
Room 111
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Michael McGlasson
6th/7th Grade Social Studies
Ext. 7045/Ext. 7025
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Stephanie Phillips
6th-8th Language Arts
Ext. 7031
Room 102
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Aja Piccirillo
6th-8th PE/AVID Coordinator/7th-8th AVID
Ext. 7045/Radio
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Amanda Rahkola
7th-8th Language Arts
Ext. 7018
Room 211
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Debra Robles
6th Grade Math/Social Studies
Ext. 7016
Room 208
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Rudy Rodriguez
Migrant AVID and Migrant Technology
Ext. 7036
Room 103
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Joel Santana
Band/Choir/6th Math
Ext. 7036
Room 401
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Benjamin Schmidt
6th AVID/7th Science
Ext. 7059
Room 101
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Judy Toensing
6th Grade/8th Grade Social Studies
Ext. 7027
Room 309
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Mario Valdivia
Self Contained
Room 407
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Jose Villapudua
6th Grade Science and Social Studies/Boys PE
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Marvin Wright
8th Math/Public Speaking
Ext. 7024
Room 303
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