Fourth Avenue
Jr. High School


Each month we will recognize our student go-getters.

May 2023

Marione Arroyo

Marione is a fabulous student academically, and has made tremendous personal growth in overcoming hurdles.

Marione Arroyo

Manuel Jorquera

Manuel is always on task, wants to help others, is not afraid to ask for help, and is a smart kid.

Manuel Jorquera

Yesenia Sanchez Placencia

Yesenia is always on task, turns assignments in on time, and is a great role model.

Yesenia Sanchez Placencia

April 2023

Andres Cota Ahumada

Andres is very kind, respectful, has a great attitude, and is a positive role model.

Andres Cota Ahumada

Diego Jaramillo

Diego is a hard worker, respectful, and always tries his best.
(No picture.)

Vianette Naranjo-Morales

Vianette is always willing to help teachers and students, has a positive attitude, and is a bright young lady.

Vianette Naranjo Morales

March 2023

Marcos Medina-McManis

Marcos is always willing to help others, hard worker in class, positive influence, and is funny.

Marcos Medina-McManis

Elley Plascencia

Elley has a positive attitude, is hard working, and is always smiling.

Elley Plascencia

Kayleen Tejeda

Kayleen is always polite, a hard worker, and a fantastic student!

Kayleen Tejeda

February 2023

Teresa Hernandez

Teresa is always participating, willing to help classmates, and is self motivated for success.

Teresa Hernandez

Isabella Medrano

Isabella is a great worker and addition to our campus, as well as being a model student.
(No picture.)

Shelsy Padilla Quinonez

Shelsy is a smart, polite young lady who is always willing to help others.
(No picture.)

December 2022

Diego Gonzalez Bracamontes (6th Grade)

Diego is extremely helpful towards his peers, responsible, kind, and always willing to learn. (No picture.)

Naara Soto (7th Grade)

Naara is a joy to have in class. She is respectful, hardworking, has become more confident in her work, and has become confident enough to start advocating for help from teachers whenever she needs assistance.

December 2022 Go Getter Naara Soto (7th Grade)

Elizabeth Gil Long (8th Grade)

Elizabeth is always respectful and comes in every day with a great attitude. We can count on her to do the right thing and to help out when needed.

December 2022 Go Getter Elizabeth Gil Long (8th Grade)

November 2022

Kamila Meza Grajeda (6th Grade)

November 2022 Go Getter Kamila Meza Grajeda

Kamila shows pride in her work, is willing to participate in discussions, and works well with table mates.

Josie Velasco (7th Grade)

November 2022 Go Getter Josie Velasco

Josie is a hard worker, is polite and kind to others, and is always trying her best.

Diana Garza (8th Grade)

November 2022 Go Getter Diana Garza

Diana is always giving her best, she works hard on all tasks, is polite, and goes out of her way to help others.

October 2022

Lourdes Sandoval (6th Grade)

Lourdes always tries her best, pays attention in class, and is very polite and respectful towards others.

October 2022 Go Getter Lourdes Sandoval

Ulises Mendoza (7th Grade)

Ulises is a very hard worker, polite and respectful, and is always willing to help others.

October 2022 Go Getter Ulises Mendoza

Neftaly Diaz-Rosas (8th Grade)

Neftaly is extremely well behaved, cooperative, respectful, and a hard worker.

October 2022 Go Getter Neftaly Diaz-Rosas

September 2022

Sebastian Cruz Peralta (6th Grade)

September 2022 Go Getter Sebastian Cruz Peralta

Sebastian is very respectful and kind to others, hard working, always positive, and gives his best efforts.

Raquel Guadarrama (7th Grade)

September 2022 Go Getter Raquel Guadarrama

Raquel is very respectful and courteous to others, always willing to help classmates, and a hard worker.

Eimy Vargas Sandoval (8th Grade)

September 2022 Go Getter Eimy Vargas Sandoval

Eimy displays a strong work ethic and determination, positive attitude, and appreciation and dedication to her education.

August 2022

Nomar Almenara-Hernandez

August 2022 GoGetter Nomar Almenara-Hernandez

Nomar has a great attitude, assists others willingly, works well with others, and is positive and responsible.

Sadie Garnica

August 2022 GoGetter Sadie Garnica

Sadie is very polite and respectful and works well with others.

Amy Paredes Olivera

August 2022 GoGetter Amy Paredes Olivera

Amy completes all assignments neatly and on time, assists other students, works hard, and loves to participate in class.