Our School

Thanks for taking a few minutes to find out more about us. We thank you for your interest in our school and staff. We do our best every day to provide a quality education for your children, and we definitely appreciate your support.

Junior high is an exciting and eventful time for your teenagers. Our school offers a variety of extracurricular activities, and we hope students will take advantage of the opportunities. We offer band, choir, art, student council, yearbook, AVID, industrial arts, culinary arts, girls and boys PE, and athletics. Whether it’s in the classroom or through a club, we always have our student’s progress and best interest in mind. It’s a pleasure to teach the Falcons of Fourth Avenue Jr. High.

Fourth Avenue School-Wide Goals

We aim to…

  • Provide a safe, positive, and structured learning and working environment for the students, staff, and school community
  • Develop instructional programs and lessons in all core content areas that are standards-based with the result of students mastering grade-level content standards and skills
  • Provide school-wide and classroom interventions and enrichment programs to meet the targeted needs and challenges of all students
  • Empower staff in making school-wide decisions through instructional and leadership team collaboration opportunities
  • Foster positive, respectful relationships with parents and members of the school community through organizations such as PTO and site council

Our Motto

The Fourth Avenue staff fosters a positive learning environment in which we provide students with the life skills and challenges necessary to become successful in achieving academic excellence. It is our goal to teach our students math, reading, and writing skills that will facilitate a successful education.

Mission Statement

Fourth Avenue Junior High is dedicated to rigorous instruction that provides each student with the academic, physical, and social skills necessary to be successful, productive, and confident in a global community.